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Carbon emission reduction projects development
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        Internationally, we are committed to helping developed countries to complete their mandatory emissions reduction targets at the lowest cost so as to promote the GHG emission reduction globally. In China, we are committed to helping domestic enterprises to change to a new low-carbon economic development model. 
We introduce the international leading technology of environmental management philosophy and environmental protection technology to China , by integration of resources at home and abroad. We provide whole process service of CDM projects for project owners, and make the international climate capital enter into China by developed countries’ purchase of emission reduction products to help domestic enterprises realize green enterprise upgrading. 
        In China, CCER is bringing chances for Chinese enterprises. On one hand, by developing CCER projects, enterprises may meet the carbon emission quota issued by government to enterprises. On the other hand, enterprises can improve their financial attractiveness by selling the CCER.
        For example: Enterprises whose emission reduction si 100,000tCO2e, annual extra benefit is 2 million RMB if the price of CCER is 20RMB/t based on the lowest price Guangdong province limited.
        Of course, besides chances, challenges are also brought by CCER. CCER is still an emerging concept. The development of CCER project involves in extensive knowledge, difficult implementation process, big workload and input, and also high risk. It is difficult for enterprises themselves to successfully develop CCER projects. So they have to cooperate with CCER consultation company and develop the project together. ECOTEC is your best choice.
        CCER projects cover scope of electricity, energy supply, coal, industrial, transportation, vapor and agriculture.
        GHG listed in CCER includes Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCS), perfluorocarbons (PFCS) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). CCER projects are projects that reducing the up 6 gases. 

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